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You have a network, so why aren't you using it?

Let Procom help you create and nurture your very own talent network that can provide significant value to your organization’s talent acquisition strategy.    

Direct Sourcing

Start by formalizing your direct sourcing program.  

If your organization has pre-identified workers, then you are already engaged in direct sourcing, however, we’d be willing to bet that you aren’t receiving any of the benefits that should come with it.

Let Procom help you build a direct sourcing channel that will reduce your reliance on staffing agencies, improve the quality of talent that you hire and drive savings for your organization.  

Choose the appropriate direct sourcing technology to organize your program around.

Create a landing page for talent that welcomes them to your organization, makes it easy for them to find and apply to your open jobs, and provides them with a means to get and stay connected to your organization.   

Next, get and stay connected with your alumni, referrals and silver medalists.

Build and grow your talent network through personal invitations to the high performing talent that has worked with you in the past. Keep track of the individuals that you almost hired the first time you interviewed them and establish a repository to organize those individuals that have been referred to you by people you trust. 

Finally, support your recruitment team with professional expertise.

Whether you choose to staff your direct sourcing program internally or choose a partner like Procom to help you, we can support your direct sourcing program with everything from expert insights to dedicated resources to help you with your program needs. The best part – our direct sourcing solution integrates seamlessly with our contractor payrolling service.  




“Procom is my go-to resource for all things contingent workforce and they continue to impress me with their knowledge and creativity. “

- K.M. - Client from a Global Energy Company.


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Saving money through
Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing?

Not quite ready to start?

Whether you are ready to get started on your direct sourcing program or you need some more information prior to finalizing your plans, we are here to help.

Connect with one of our contingent workforce experts with any questions you have. We are always happy to share our insights and the best part is that there is no obligation on your part.

What is Direct Sourcing?

Direct sourcing happens when an organization recruits its own workforce directly rather than engaging the services of a third party vendor like a Managed Services Provider (MSP) or a staffing agency. Direct sourcing allows the organization to establish its own talent pool and control its employer brand.

It's a new work world in an uncertain labor market, yet hiring is happening, and life - and business is moving forward.

In fact, a new study from StaffingHub finds that 71 per cent of staffing firms expect the industry to come back stronger than before, which intimates employers are putting strategies in place now in order to capitalize on immediate, current or future needs - and many employers are planning on moving away from traditional employment models.

As employers attempt to drive business forward by leveraging more flexible workforce models, it's critical that recruitment professionals are aware of the sourcing strategies used for these types of non-traditional worker engagements.

Contingent Workforce

What are the benefits of Direct Sourcing?

Direct sourcing  occurs when an organization engages contingent workers using their own internal resources rather than engaging a third party vendor like a staffing agency to perform the recruitment functions. A direct sourcing strategy can provide many cost saving benefits - but the opposite can also prove true if employers don't have the proper resources in place or a formal program to manage the process.

Not too long before the pandemic caused unprecedented job loss and drastically increased unemployment rates around the world, organizations operating in the United States alone had access to a talent pool of more than 41 million Independent Workers - a talent pool that has significantly increased.

Contingent Workforce

Is Direct Sourcing right for you?

Direct sourcing programs don’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach when looking to bring talent into your workforce. They do, however, require employers to take five big decisions into consideration in order to launch an effective one. These decisions include: Sourcing format, Engagement management, Rate card format, Onboarding requirements and Governance/KPI's.

Contingent talent may go by many different titles: Gig workers, Freelancers, Independent Contractors, temporary talent or Contingent Workers, yet regardless of naming conventions, this type of talent works to provide organizations with flexible, skilled staffing solutions to help employers quickly respond to the many market changes and demands.

A popular sourcing strategy for many organizations is launching a Direct Sourcing program in combination with, or instead of, engaging third party staffing vendors for the acquisition of skilled talent and contingent workers.

Contingent Workforce


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