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How to effectively reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn

Jan 27, 2020


There's something to be said about the art of the professional schmooze. Because if perfected, the professional schmooze will captivate the attention, and then hold the interest.

One of the first steps in connecting with potential employers is a handshake, so consider your LinkedIn message to be your digital grip.

It's very common for job seekers to slide into a LinkedIn DM unsolicited with a blanket approach salutation or a copy and paste message, yet crafting an effective and tailored communication will lessen the brunt of being an inbox intruder and - if well written - will communicate confidence and likeability, the types of attributes that will excite a recruiter to respond instead of ignore.  Just like a firm in-person handshake.

So, consider these tips when reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn.

Use the advanced search function

First you have to find them, right? If you’ve applied for a position through a staffing agency website and want to follow up with the recruiter, or if you’re looking to perhaps perform some employee recon at the company you applied to, this advanced search function will help you find these connections. Use the search box to enter the keywords from the job description and the company name at the very least; the people will begin to populate.

Invest in InMail

InMail is an easy way to ensure job seekers stand out by allowing messages to be sent directly to a hiring manager or recruiter, without being restricted by word count. So although you want to keep it to the point, you have a better opportunity to demonstrate your strengths.

Tailor your message

One way to get your message deleted is to send a mass one. There are templates that you can use for structure, but the details need to be unique. So, just like you tailor your resume to each job description, take the same approach in this situation. “You need to include specific information about your previous work history that demonstrates why you’re the best fit for the role. Never make it look mass mailed,” advises Charles Liikson, a Technical Recruiter with Procom.

It's your current job to demonstrate the value that you can bring to an organization. And it’s an employer’s job to find a solution to a specific need. So, you need to position yourself as a problem solver. Ana agrees, “One of the most ineffective messages I get are when a candidate asks to get them a job and they have not even included job experience, availability, skills set, etc..” Remember to always ask yourself, how will you fulfill a company’s needs?

Attach your resume

Sometimes even the most obvious is overlooked. Even if you’ve applied through a website and are following up, always attach your resume. Saving time is efficient. And efficiency is appreciated.

Be clear, concise and to the point

If you’ve previously met at an event or in an interview, include specific details about your interaction, as recruiters get hundreds of emails and can perform tons of interviews in a single day. It’s also important to remember that a LinkedIn message isn’t an opportunity to send your cover letter, so highlight your work history and skills within a paragraph or less.

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