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How to find talent right now

May 07, 2020

Wendy Kennah
Wendy Kennah

Organizations experiencing a surge in demand for services during the COVID-19 pandemic can find talent by engaging staffing agencies, leveraging referrals from internal staff, building direct sourcing portals and using other talent acquisition methods.  

The spread of COVID-19 across the globe has left trail of economic damage in its wake.

Since March, approximately 11.9 per cent of workers across 20 nations have registered as unemployed or have otherwise benefited from government assistance - a number representing 58 million workers.

Yet, while many organizations across the hardest hit industry sectors have been forced to turn to layoffs, furloughs or bankruptcy during these uncertain times, others must continue to find talent as demands for services increase or experience only minor disruptions 

For many hiring managers, this means finding talent for the workplace while working remote – and there is talent to be found.

If you’re looking to find talent right now, here are the platforms you can focus your efforts on:

Staffing firms 

talent website isn’t the only place to find talent! An experienced talent acquisition staffing partner should be able to provide flexibility, service differentiation and expert guidance to help its client organization navigate through the current and unchartered business environment.  

When trying to find talent remotely, it can prove overwhelming amid the distractions that come from working from home. An agency that understands your talent needs will source, screen and onboard that resource for you.  

As the agency is responsible for the sourcing component of the talent acquisition process, the administrative time and costs associated with the process are removed from your budget - saving time and money.  The enhanced exposure of your job through all the staffing agency’s resources, can increase the odds that the talent you are seeking finds your role. 

Staffing agencies are also aware of what talent has recently entered the market and can source that resource quickly and effectively on both a full-time or contingent basis.

Internal staff (Referrals) 

Your current team is full of ideal brand ambassadors when you’re looking to find talent during the talent acquisition process. When you have a team of people that knows your products, technologies and culture – and are engaged within the organization – the more likely it is that they will refer qualified friends or previous colleagues into the organization. 

Referrals are passive talent who may not currently be on the open market, but who are open to new opportunities. Oftentimes your current team members may be aware of someone who has the skill set and experience you’re searching for. During your zoom meetings or virtual water cooler chats, don’t hesitate to mention your need to find talent –someone may know the perfect fit! 

By hiring a referral, training can also be fast-tracked, as that worker may already have an inside resource to familiarize them with the process, procedures and culture of the organization.   

Build a Direct Sourcing portal 

During talent acquisition, Direct sourcing occurs when an organization identifies candidates for a position using their own resources, choosing to perform recruiting and onboarding functions internally, typically by using a talent website or other online tools. 

Direct sourcing can provide many cost savings benefits when you’re looking to find talent, but the opposite can also be true if employers don't have the proper resources in place or a formal program to manage the process.  

If Direct Sourcing is the right approach for your organization, there are many benefits from having more control over employer branding, a decrease in hiring costs and time-to-hire, worker loyalty and more.

If an organization has a large talent pool of contingent workers or existing staff, keeping track of those resources one week or one year in advance to a requirement can prove invaluable when trying to re-onboard resources quickly and efficiently. Projects are shifting and changing daily as the new normal is emerging.   


LinkedIn is the number one online professional networking platform, and talent is looking for you. There has never been a better time to leverage this resource as top talent is available through no fault on their own.  

Organizations that couldn’t transition to remote working or that didn’t have the financial ability to whether the unexpected economic impact were forced to part with highly skilled and experienced talent. These resources can be found within your network or within those of your team.

By using LinkedIn’s talent search features, updating your organizations' corporate page or by simply updating your personal status, talent can find and engage with your opportunity.  

LinkedIn is also a great tool to use when screening a candidate’s employment history and background details.

Building your professional network  

Similar to internal referrals, engaging past contacts and colleagues within your professional circle can connect you with talent that wasn’t on your radar – yet you know (or someone you trust knows) is qualified for a project or roleIn this scenario, you are acting as your own brand ambassador to individuals who know you on a professional level. 

Hiring through your network can also save time and money. As your candidates have more than likely been pre-vetted by your trusted circle, there’s a greater chance of avoiding the costs associated with a bad hire. Oftentimes, normal references cannot be trusted, and a referral from your network is also a backdoor reference that gives you the best insights.  

The COVID-19 virus has presented a truly unprecedented situation. It's a trying and uncertain time as we collectively navigate this uncertain reality, but one thing for certain is that we are all in this together, and we are here to helpOutsourcing the talent acquisition process either fully or in part, can come with many benefits. 

If you’re looking to find talent right now, it’s important to start with one of the most important steps in talent acquisition: Get insights into writing job postings that work.  

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