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Body language to loose in an interview...

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Body language to loose in an interview...

Non-verbal communication is a social language understood on a global scale, and it talks a lot louder than words. Because body language shows what we don’t tell, and an observant interviewer will recognize certain movements and gestures as hiring red flags. 

Job interviews are professional conversations, where what you don't say speaks volumes about your personality, interest and overall candidacy. 

Don’t let your body language interrupt the discussion by avoiding these mannerism mistakes:   

1. Not smiling 

A recent study found 39% of interviewers will dismiss a candidate who didn't smile. Job interviews can be nerve wracking, but flashing your pearly whites will demonstrate you're approachable, friendly and confident; it also helps put others at ease and conveys a sense of calm control.

2. A weak handshake

Hiring managers are trying to uncover your strengths, and having a weak handshake isn't a strong starting point. Because 21% admit to dismissing a candidate who didn't have a firm grip. To a hiring manager, a weak handshake comes across as unimpressive, unenthusiastic and untrustworthy. So, shake hands with a firm, but not punishing, grip!


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John Barnes
John Barnes
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