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The questions every candidate should ask

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The questions every candidate should ask

The cost of a bad hire is more than an inconvenience to employers and their hiring teams; the true cost is a risk to an entire organization. The U.S. Department of Labor finds the cost of a bad hire is around 30 per cent of that worker’s first year salary – while other experts are placing that figure much higher at well into the hundreds and thousands of U.S. dollars.

Allegis Group reports most employers (94 per cent) agree they always or sometimes uncover untruths or exaggerations during the interview process, yet another 77 per cent of organizations also admit unqualified candidates are still slipping through their screening process.

Unfortunately, it’s common for hiring teams to become complacent, yet when done effectively, great screening will lead to informed hiring decisions that engages and retains the types of talent that keeps competitive organizations moving forward.

When screening candidates in today’s IT staffing landscape, here are questions to add to your interview repertoire that will identify and ensure a quality hire:

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Janet Stark
Janet Stark
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