Procom's contractor payrolling and direct sourcing solutions help organizations acquire and manage contract workers with confidence and ease.

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Whether you are looking to redeploy your existing contractors, re-engage proven resources you've used in the past, or simply find a more efficient and cost-effective way to source new talent, Procom Services can help.

Our direct sourcing solutions will help you engage and acquire the resources you need at the time you need them.

Expert classification

Procom Services' contractor classification process is the cornerstone of our contractor payrolling service and has been refined over decades with a continuous focus on ensuring that it remains relevant and consistent with current legislation.

Contained in the Onboarding phase of our service, the primary task is to establishing and document the status of the contractor in question.

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White glove service

Procom Services assumes all the responsibilities and obligations associated with being the employer of record or the agent of record for your independent workforce.

On top of it all, our dedicated support team is there to ensure that your stakeholders, internal and external, are managed with knowledge and professionalism.

Keep the connection

The end of the current assignment is just the beginning, especially for those contractors that have done a fantastic job for your organization.

Let Procom Services manage the Offboarding experience with your contractors and keep them engaged for your future needs, so you can connect with them when you need to.

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Learn best practices from contract workforce specialists. Find out how your organization can save money on contingent labour.  Employ a proven strategy to mitigate your contractor risks.

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