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Insights about Talent Acquisition and Contingent Workforce Management

Procom is committed to providing you with valuable insights on how you can acquire the talent your organization needs and how your organization can manage its contingent workforce more effectively. 

What is a contingent worker?

Contingent workers are outsourced, non-permanent workers that are commonly referred to as Independent Contractors, contract workers, freelancers, gig ...

Contingent Workforce

What is payroll: Understanding contractor payroll & employer burden costs (USA)

Contractor Payroll refers to the tasks a company must execute to ensure temporary W2 Workers and 1099 Independent Contractors (ICs) are paid correctly...

Contingent Workforce

What is Direct Sourcing?

Direct sourcing happens when an organization recruits its own workforce directly rather than engaging the services of a third party vendor like a Mana...

Contingent Workforce

A guide to an effective recruitment process

Recruitment leaders recognize the recruitment process as a series of strategic and critical steps hiring teams must take in order to achieve overall b...

Talent Acquisition

How to choose an effective interview structure

When it comes to interviewing candidates and interview structure, there are three types: Unstructured, Semi-structured and Structured. Each type has i...

Talent Acquisition

Who and what is involved in the recruitment process and why?

The recruitment process, to some employers, may sound simple - yet recruitment leaders recognize the process as a series of strategic and critical ste...

Talent Acquisition


Wendy Kennah

Vice President, Recruiting
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Saving money through Direct Sourcing

A practical plan to help you reduce your contingent worker costs through Direct Sourcing.

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