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How to keep contingent workers from jumping ship

As the pandemic begins to slowly recede and workers are rethinking their career choices, SIA reports there's been a dramatic increase in employee resignations, dubbing the trend as the 'Great Resignation' period. And it's one that shows an indication of lasting well into the fall. 

Yet, when almost half of the U.S. workforce is comprised of contingent workers, organizations can leverage the niche skills of temporary talent to complete projects, fill skills gaps and ensure work gets done.  However, how employers handle the arrangement will determine whether talent will agree to any extensions or leave for a more attractive offer at any time. 

So, how do you keep contingent talent from jumping ship or declining a contract extension? Here are some tips to consider to keep talent (coming back).

Talent Acquisition

VMS to What's next: Future-proofing your contingent workforce with the right technology

The Vendor Management Systems (VMS) market is shifting. Rapidly changing technology is transforming the future of work, with exponential computational power driving the world and workforce into the Intelligence Revolution. As a result, more and more providers are beginning to transition away from the classic VMS naming conventions for their software and are adopting new language such as “Extended Workforce Platform” or “Non-Employee Management System.”  

But what’s changed and why? Is it a simple case of a name change to represent that the technology will manage more than just vendors? Or is there more to it than that? Does this change in technology represent an opportunity for organizations to leverage new pieces of tech or new components for programs?  

If you’re interested in what’s next for the world of VMS and would like to strengthen your knowledge around the new world of Extended Workforce Management Systems, the information below will help you make informed decisions when it comes to understanding VMS and ‘future-proofing’ your program.

Contingent Workforce

Procom Earns Supplier Excellence Award from KellyOCG® 

Procom Earns Supplier Excellence Award from KellyOCG® 
Award winners represent less than 1% of KellyOCG’s total active supply chain. 


How to negotiate your employment contract

The pandemic has presented an unprecedented workforce climate - yet while the world is slowly recovering, the workforce is rapidly seeing an increase in jobs and opportunities.  

The final stage in cementing any business relationship is contract negotiation. Whether you're entering the contingent workforce, becoming a fulltime employee or re-negotiating a pre-existing agreement, the workers who get what they want achieve it with a sound negotiation strategy.

And while the current workforce and economic climate may impact an organization's payroll, your skills and experience are of value, and it's important to approach the bargaining table with confidence that a fair and competitive market rate will be agreed on - if you're prepared.

Before you accept the first offer, lay the groundwork for getting what you deserve. Here's how: 

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