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Job seeker company reviews checklist (Clone)

Mar 19, 2021


When you're searching for your next role or project, how can you be sure which employers you should be targeting? Do your views on things like hours, rates, salaries, work-life balance and other criteria match those of the organizations you’re applying to?   

Sites like Glassdoor and Indeed provide a variety of anonymous reviews from current and past employees and contingent workers on different aspects of an organization, and this inside intel from those who are already in the know will help guide an informed decision on where you want to work.   
When searching for and applying to jobs, the criteria below should be on your company review checklist:

Company culture 

A company's culture defines what it's like to work there - it's the organization's work environment, company mission, values, ethics and expectations. Sometimes the managers in an interview talk about the company culture very highly, but the candidates find out the complete opposite when looking at company reviews.

Management style 

It’s often said that workers don’t leave a company, they quit the manager. If you prefer remote work and autonomy, applying to an organization that will micro-manage your work style will not be the best fit. 

Salary and rates 

Sites like Indeed and Glassdoor will also provide reviews on compensation. Job seekers can find averages, highs, lows and medians for salaries and rates.


Thirty-three percent of hiring managers admit to knowing within 90 seconds if they want to continue with your candidacy, so your first impression is important. Interview reviews will help you prepare for what to expect. Sometimes you can find specific questions asked during an interview; other times, you'll find general information about dress, tone and topics.  
When it comes to company reviews, it's also wise to take into consideration the circumstances of the reviewer. Sometimes disgruntled employees or contingent workers can take their frustration out with a poor review, so it's recommended that job seekers read an average of six reviews before making a decision.

Using reviews in interviews 

If you’re engaging with a company that is truly transparent with its workforce, employers and hiring teams should be equally as transparent with candidates as well. If you happen to reference a review during your interview and the interviewer doesn’t respond positively to your question or comment – or if he or she disregards the feedback from reviewers, it could be a possible red flag.   

Subsequently, employers and hiring teams should be aware of their employer brand and what’s being said about their organization; if they aren’t, it could also be a red flag that management may not value the voices of workers they engage with.  

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